Sauvignon Blanc


Vineyard Localization: Maipú Cruz de Piedra.

Grape Variety: Sauvignon Blanc.

Enologist: Hugo Baro.

Vineyard Age: 15 years old.

Vine Training System: Pergola.

Harvest: Manual.

Winemaking Process: With previous budding.   

Without wood contribution in any stage.


Tasting Notes:
This wine gives us a great balance in the feelings described when tasted. The nose is dominated by citrus aromas, especially pink grapefruit. This is very well accompanied by grassy notes easily detected together with a very appetizing smoked touch, which makes it a mouth-filling and sweet wine. In the mouth, on the contrary, it is dry, being dominated by citrus and tropical fruit notes. Acidity is slightly exaggerated, but it is a special feature of this essential varietal for its definition. It promises to be a hit after 6 months of storage, when acidity is less intense and cassis, smoke and passion fruit notes are highlighted. It is a complex wine which involves a very personal decision on its quality rating. It was made with cold water and selected yeasts, and fermentation took over 45 days at a constant temperature. With further treatment and lack of movements, today we can have a wine which is clean to the eye, without oxidation, bright, fresh and greenish yellow. It has a very good development in the traditional First Zone of Mendoza.
It is made from early maturing grapes, whose cluster is compact and big.

Pictures are illustrative, therefore vintages too. - Cruz de Piedra - Maipú - Mendoza - Argentina